Update on Meg and her cubs and their new enclosure

Meg & Cubs_Nov 2014 5

At the end of July 2014 we were privileged enough to share an amazing experience with friends all over the world. In collaboration with Africam we broadcasted the live video of Meg giving birth to 4 healthy cubs. She is a wonderful mother and for the past three months the whole world could tune in to watch them grow up.

They are however getting too big for the maternity ward where they live and we will therefore have to move them into a bigger enclosure.

Meg & Cubs_Nov 2014 4

Meg and her cubs will be moved to an enclosure which is approximately 1000m2 (thousand square metres) where they will have much more space to develop into young teenagers. There they will have many trees, termite mounts and much more space to run and play. They will then stay with their mother for about three more months – then moved to an even bigger enclosure with other cheetahs their age.

Meg & Cubs_Nov 2014 3

The animal curator confirmed during this weekend that Meg has 3 female cubs and 1 male cub. They have not yet been named and we will be sure to inform you as soon as they are named.

Meg & Cubs_Nov 2014 2

It is unfortunately not possible to move the camera with them to the bigger enclosure due to the fact that we need an electricity supply for the live streaming. We will give you regular updates on Facebook, our blog, Twitter and Instagram on the wellbeing of these 5 extraordinary animals.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of the viewers for accompanying us on this extraordinary journey and for their support towards the centre.

Meg & Cubs_Nov 2014 1