Update on orphaned elephants Raekie and Mopane – February 2019

Four months have passed by since little Raekie, an orphaned elephant, arrived at HESC, having been found wandering on her own in the Imfolozi Game Reserve. She was estimated to be two months old and weighed 90Kg’s.
Although her circumstances were terribly sad, it was extremely fortunate timing for both her and Mopane that they had a chance to be company for one another at HESC. Two elephants calves that would never have survived alone, now have the comfort of each other, and round the clock care from us at HESC.

Mopane and Raekie during a bottle feeding with their carers

Mopane has been in our care since December 2017 and weighed just 78Kg’s at the time. After nearly a year in our care, it was becoming evident that he could be yearning for the company of another elephant, over and above the love and attention that he has from our team of dedicated carers at HESC.
Mopane reaching with his trunk

They have been inseparable ever since, and Raekie, although a very strong-willed and determined young elephant still looks up to and respects the calm and easy-going ways of Mopane, though she does overstep her boundaries on the occasion when she becomes impatient or wants more attention.

Raekie is now approximately six months old, and Mopane is approximately fifteen months old. At their recent weigh-in, Raekie weighed 105KG,  lower than we would have wanted, but expected, as she did struggle with a bacterial infection for a little while, which has since cleared, so we are hoping for some excellent weight gain going forward.

Raekie weight at 105Kg February 2019

Mopane weighed in at 259 Kg in February 2019, and is growing at a steady rate.
Mopane weight 259KG in February 2019

We are currently trying to raise funds to move the elephants to a new section of land, close to but outside of the HESC perimeters, to ensure that we have ample space and facilities set up and ready for any future elephant calves that may be brought into our care, as we are close to our maximum capacity at the moment.
The anticipated costs are considerable, and we are looking to raise a minimum of R200 000 to get the project started.  If you would like to donate towards this project, please contact Ricki, her email is fundraising@cheetahcentre.co.za or alternatively DONATE HERE. 
Thank you.
Yours in Conservation,
The HESC Team