Update on our rhinos – June ‘17

HESC_-Gertjie-&-Matimba.--2Gertjie and Matimba

We are happy to report that all our rhinos are in great shape.

Lion’s Den, Dingle Dell, Gertjie and Matimba all share an enclosure and from time-to-time do get together while grazing, but for the most part Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell do their own thing separate from Gertjie and Matimba. All four were recently dehorned.

Zeta (the Zebra) and her male companion often follow Gertjie and Matimba around, but tend to steer clear of Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell. They do, however, occasionally graze with all four rhinos.


Stompie and Balu are still as thick as thieves. Balu was weaned off milk from 1 April and we are relieved that Stompie’s wound has completely healed and poses no problem.



‘Pretty girl’ Olivia is doing great and consumes 4,5 litres of milk twice a day. Khulula consumes the same amount of milk as Olivia, and enjoys lucerne so much that she keeps a patch to herself and ensures the others don’t eat from it. Very clever!

HESC_-Kulula-&-Nhlanhla.-9Khulula and Nhlanhla

Nhlanhla drinks 6 litres of milk three times a day. He loves playing with his little sister, Lula. These two little ones are so playful that they usually get Olivia and Khulula in the mood to play too. Lula receives 7 litres of milk three times a day.

HESC_-K,N,L,O-Rhino-Group.-6Khulula, Lula and Olivia

Our poaching survivors, Ike and Phillipa, are doing so well. They are at ease with each other and their surroundings. Both have gotten accustomed to game drive vehicles passing by and no longer get rattled, especially Ike – it took him a while to adjust after he was moved to HESC.

HESC_ Phillipa & Ike. 2Philippa and Ike

It has been quite a journey we’ve gone through with all the rhinos, but it’s been so worth it!

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