Update on Philippa’s latest treatment procedure – 2 April 2016


On Saturday the 2nd of April 2016, Philippa underwent another treatment procedure.

Dr Rogers, Janelle Goodwich and Liesel Steinmann from Provet Wildlife Services had a bit of a hard time locating Philippa, but they eventually managed to track her down and she was darted with the sedative M99.

The team then thoroughly cleaned her wound and administered an antibiotic and anti-inflammatories. A few of our Wildlife Conservation Experience (WCE) participants were also there to assist, and did a good job of keeping Philippa cool by dousing her in cool water during the procedure.




We were pleased to see that there was no sign of infection, and the wound is looking much better.

Prosthetist, Dr Brad Kidd, made a new mould for Philippa. Again – a perfect fit!

These treatment procedures will continue at 2-3 week intervals to ensure that no flies get into the wound, and to keep it as sterile as possible.



We are extremely grateful for our exceptional team. It is always an uplifting experience when people come together towards a greater cause – in this instance, Philippa’s recovery.

We are truly optimistic that there is a healthy life ahead for this young rhino cow, despite the trauma she has endured.

Every single rhino counts!