Update on Philippa’s latest treatment procedure – 23 April

On the 23rd of April 2016, Dr Rogers and his team came in to treat Philippa again.
We have gathered that Philippa has a sixth sense, because she seems to know when it is time for her treatment procedure. At such times, she opts to pull a disappearing act and hides in the dense vegetation. It literally takes a few hours to locate her.
IMG-20160425-WA0012[1] IMG-20160425-WA0011[1]
Fortunately, on this particular occasion it didn’t take so long. She was quickly located and sedated before her wound was cleaned with water, treated with chlorhexidine in alcohol and F10 antiseptic was applied.
Dr Kidd, the designer of Philippa’s prosthetic cover, flew in especially to see for himself how Philippa was faring, as well as how effective the prosthesis was in facilitating the healing process.
IMG-20160425-WA0009[1] IMG-20160425-WA0015[1]
The good news is, the wound is looking good and there’s quite a significant improvement.
The treatments will now be performed at three week intervals, which will reduce stress on Philippa and also bring down the exorbitant costs.
Dr Rogers and the team are impressed with the progress and we are all looking forward to the young rhino’s full recovery.