Update on Philippa’s the rhino’s treatment


Our newest orphaned rhino, Philippa, has been quickly settling into her new surroundings. As she came to us with a large wound where her horn had been sawn off, she underwent two initial surgical procedures which aimed to remove excess tissue to allow for the wound to heal.

On the 19th of February, Philippa underwent another procedure. The protective covering on her wound had come off two days prior. Aside from the few maggots found inside the wound, she appears to be healing well.



Dr. Liezel Steinman, assisted by Janelle Goodrich, performed the procedure. The wound was cleaned out, and treated with F10 ointment (anti-bacterial ointment). Dr. Brad Kidd, an orthotist, joined Dr. Steinman as his job was to make a cast mould of the rhino’s nasal cavity. In ten days’ time, he will be back with different sealable caps of different shapes and sizes, which will be used in the future procedures to cover and seal the wound.




We are hoping Philippa will find these covers more comfortable, and will therefore not try to remove them. This will allow her wound to heal fully.

We are optimistic that this young lady will make a full recovery!