Update on Spotted Eagle Owl

The owlThys the owl

Thys, the spotted eagle owl that was brought in after he was hit by a car, is a lot fiestier and more alert compared to the day he arrived – a sure sign that he is feeling much better!  Unfortunately he is still not bearing weight on his right leg and his foot is permanently contracted – like making a fist with your hand.  The foot was strapped in an open position and the leg was strapped against his body for stabilisation.  This was done to prevent the foot from permanently staying in a contracted phase and to allow for any possible leg fractures to heal, but still no improvement was seen after the strappings were removed.  We are also considering a possible pelvic fracture on the right side for which he will need a few more weeks of cage rest, minimal disturbance and some pain killers.  Time will tell but we are still hopeful for a full recovery.

Students help to strap open the foot (2)

Students help to strap open the foot (3)Students help to strap open the foot

The talon once it was strapped openThe talon once it was strapped open