Update on the Animal Defenders International lion Caesar


Over the past couple of weeks we have noticed that Caesar was becoming weak. He struggled to get into the feeding camp so we had to feed him (and Sarah) in side the enclosure.

We decided to call out the vet. Dr Rogers came on the 3rd of March 2015 to do a thorough checkup . Ceazer was darted inside their enclosure, while Sarah stayed behind in the feeding area.

When it was safe to enter the enclosure Dr Rogers examined Caesar. He checked his teeth, leg movement, hydration and then gave him a drip to flush out his kidneys. Caesar was also treated with Frontline Plus for external parasites.


HESC assistant curator, Anri de Waal checked on Caesar every 4 hours after the treatment in order to ensure he recovers well from the sedation. HESC will communicate the blood test results with ADI when received. Dr Rogers is hoping that it is only a bad case of arthritis which occurs with age.