Update on the rhinos

LD-&-DD_20170912_064144Lion’s Den and Dingle Den

It has been a while since we updated you on how our rhinos are doing. We are happy to report all is well, and they are happy and healthy!
Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell were moved from their previous enclosure to one that is full of undisturbed grass, ideal for their grazing.

Gertjie-&-Matimba_20170912_063810Gertie and Matimba

Gertjie and Matimba are still side-by-side, and neither goes anywhere without the other.
Philippa and Ike have settled down and seem to be happy in each other’s company. You will remember that Ike was a bit skittish when he first arrived from Pilanesberg National Park. It took him a while to get settled but he’s now doing great. He and Philippa now even sometimes walk up to the curator’s vehicle during feeding times.
Balu and Stompie are still inseparable and both are doing well.

Philippa-&-Ike_20170912_072249Philippa and Ike – we couldn’t get a clearer picture of the two

Stompi-&-Balu_20170911_085542Stompie and Balu

Our little crash – Khulula, Olivia, Nhlanhla and Lula – is also doing incredibly well. Khulula and Olivia have been weaned off milk, which is a huge milestone for these orphaned rhinos! Nhlanhla and Lula’s milk intake has been reduced to twice a day, with each rhino receiving 5 and 7 litres respectively per feed.





We are pleased that all our rhinos are in a great condition. However, poaching still remains a threat that is real. Our Anti-Poaching Unit recently dealt with poaching attempts, and in an effort to make their work a little easier we would appreciate if our community can assist us to acquire the following items:

  • 3 x Bulletproof vests (these must be able to stop bigger than 9mm calibre bullets as the poachers have high calibre weapons – Contact Balistic Body Armor: Henry: 060 960 6454)
  • 5 x Nightcore flashlights
  • 3 x Chest webbing – Army Stores
  • 3 x Sniper Africa kit bag and bladders
  • 3 x Leafy suits (pants and shirts – Army Stores)
  • 3 x First aid kits which fits in chest webbing
  • 2/3 x Paintball guns with pepper spray ammunition
  • 1 x Gun safe
  • Night vision equipment

Should you be able to assist please contact Bradley at pr@cheetahcentre.co.za.