WCE visits H.H. Thiele Primary School for the Rhino Art project

WCE participants talking Rhino Art

On World Rhino Day (22 September), our WCE coordinators and participants visited is H.H. Thiele Primary School as part of the Rhino Art project, as well as to donate some goodies.

Everyone fell in love with this little school the moment they arrived. The school only has two teachers – one of whom is the headmistress. There are two classrooms, one for the grade 1- 4 learners, and the other for grade 5-7 learners.

WCE participants visit HH Thiele School

There was a bit of a language barrier as the kids did not speak or understand much English, but the love they showed the HESC team was a language understood by all.
The kids did not have much, but they were well mannered and their gratitude reflected in their eyes, melted everyone’s heart. The children sang for our team and were just happy to have us visiting.

WCE participants at HH Thiele primary school

HH Thiele Primary School

We handed them the Rhino Art sheets, and the learners that understood English helped the others to fill in the required information. There were a total of 46 learners and all of them took part in the Rhino Art.

We went back again a few days later with the WCE coordinators to deliver some stationery that was donated, and some of the pictures that we took on our first visit. Everyone at the school appreciated this and we were again overwhelmed by their gratitude for the little we had to offer.

This school has stolen our hearts and we hope that we can offer them more assistance in the future.

HH Thiele School