We're going green


Our hard working team with the fruits of their labour

With our initial efforts being such a resounding success, we’ve since taken further steps to ensure the well-being of Mother Earth and her many inhabitants. The implementation of extensive recycling practices has spearheaded these sustainability and eco-friendly policies.

And we’re pleased to say that our sister property Camp Jabulani, is onboard and doing the same.

While Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) has always been about ensuring the survival of endangered species, we’ve since come to the conclusion that our efforts should be more widespread than that.

We’ve kicked things off with a rigorous recycling campaign.

With extensive support from the Centre’s hard working team, all waste is now separated and placed in polypropylene bags on an ongoing basis. All paper, glass, tins and plastic is then sent to the relevant recycling depot.

“It was very important for us to kick start this initiative as recycling plays a big part in saving and protecting our environment, which we’re very passionate about. Since we’ve implemented this initiative, we’ve not only reduced pollution and its widespread effects but we’ve also saved substantially. It’s incredibly inspiring to see the amount of knowledge the staff have gained from this exercise. We truly hope to transfer this knowledge to our younger generations through our various educational programmes – the Cheetah Conservation Programme and the Pioneer for Change Programme,” says Adine Roode, Managing Director at Camp Jabulani.