What does it take to keep a rhino?

Apart from being one of the most adorable animals in the world (to some at least) it is important to note that looking after a rhino and its daily needs can get expensive. Various factors need to be considered when compiling an expense report of what you might spend on any animal. Besides from being fed and given a bed, there are other expenses like medical care that  can not always be planned for.
Little Esme, the rhino who was saved from a dire situation (read more here…) and currently resides at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), currently needs the following:
Esme’s milk contains 325g Milk Powder, 65g Glucose, 10g Protexan (only used for 2 bottles a day) and 10ml Kidivite.
Tick Treatment
Rhinos only get tick treatment should there be too many ticks and Esme has not yet received any treatment. Her faithful companion, David the Anatolion Shephard, is also there to take care of. Fortunately for HESC, his food and tick treatment are being sponsored by Pack Leader. Mobi-Flex is a supplement that is added to his food for joint health as he needs to keep up with Esme!
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