Rescued Rhinos @ HESC

Foster a Rhino

Due to the increase in number of rhinos killed, it has become essential for HESC to expand the current facilities. We will provide land, facilities as well as support in the rescue, relocation and care of orphaned, traumatised and injured rhinos.

At such a critical time, each and every individual rhino becomes important to insure that sufficient animals are protected to conserve genetic viability of the species. It is essential that the wounded & orphaned rhinos are given a second chance, whatever the cost.

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Eyes on Rhino Campaign

Africam, a long-time supporter of The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) came in contact with us to launch a new campaign called “Eyes on Rhinos”.

This campaign will have the sole purpose of raising funds to improve the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC. The facility at the Centre will be a “Safe Haven” for the rhinos who are currently cared for at the HESC. The two rhino victims, now victors; Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell, recent arrival; adult bull #27, and two orphaned baby rhinos; Gertjie and Matimba will soundly benefit by this campaign.

The most important requirement at the facility will be the security system which will enable HESC to look after the current rhino’s as well as future rhinos that need a safe home. As an NGO, HESC requires support in acquiring the new security system. HESC gladly partners with varies individuals and businesses to help raise funds for the conservation and rehabilitation of animals.

The campaign consists of three phases:

With phase one, the HESC aims to create awareness for the rhino poaching victims (now victors) and orphaned rhinos and also for the public “get to know them’ via comprehensive communication on various platforms.

The second phase will help HESC to raise the first portion of the funds for the security system required for the facility.

The third phase will involve the final fundraising initiative

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