What's been going on: 10 June 2012

HESC_Meg's cubs_4 June_2012 blog

Meg and her cubs

Winter has finally hit the Lowveld, with cool, breezy mornings and cold evenings here at the HESC. But, the cold hasn’t slowed down the pace at all, and there is plenty of news to share.


The drop in temperature did not discourage any of the staff or students from sleeping out under the stars. With a big campfire to keep everyone warm, and sleeping bags to keep the cold at bay during the night, great fun was had by all.

Student's Camp-out
A roaring campfire kept the cold at bay


All seventeen of the cheetah cubs and the five mothers at HESC are well. The cubs are fat and healthy, growing by the day and providing plenty of entertainment on Africam! It is hard to believe that most of them are already six weeks old.



There really is never a dull moment at the Centre. Field Guide, Ilana‘s vehicle ended up with a flat tyre in the ‘deurry kamp’ that houses our young, naughty and very playful cheetah cubs! Luckily Jacques came to the rescue and helped to change the tyre, while Ameé kept the cubs occupied!

Jacques helps Ilana change the tyre
Jacques helps Ilana change the tyre

Exhausted cheetah cubs, after ‘helping’ to change the tyre


During the first week of June, two female cheetahs – a mother and her daughter – were successfully collared and released onto Camp Jabulani’s property. They will be closely monitored over the next few weeks to establish their movements and eating habits.


HESC_Cheetah_Release_ (8) FB
Cheetah release

Both cheetahs were collared so that they can be monitored after release

As always, our game drives have been very popular this month, with guests enjoying some great sightings.
Game drive, by Richard Marshall

HESC_Game_Drive_0612 (2)
Zebra seen on the game drive

HESC_Game_Drive_0612 (1)
A friendly face

HESC_Game_Drive_0612 (3)
A young lion

That’s it for now folks,
The HESC Team ;-)