What's been going on: 11-17 April

Reach For A Dream - Jeno van Tienen

Reach For A Dream – Jeno van Tienen (left)

The mornings and evenings are becoming decidedly nippy, hinting of colder times ahead. We did enjoy a lot of rain this week though, which is great because we need all the water we can get before the dry season arrives. We’re apt to complain when summer ends, but season changes play an important role in ensuring a healthy eco-system. We’re planning to embrace winter by spending our evenings around a glowing camp fire with good friends. What will you be doing?


Reach for a Dream

Jeno van Tienen – who suffers from a muscular deficiency – came all the from the Netherlands to visit South Africa and see its abundant wildlife in the flesh. Jeno’s favourite animal is the cheetah, and it’s been his lifelong dream to see and touch one of these magnificent cats. We were honoured to play a part in making his dream a reality.

New animal arrivals

Five cheetahs – a male, a female and her three cubs – came to us recently from the Mountain Zebra National Park. We’ll be posting a separate blog post about this within the next week, so keep your eyes peeled for the full update.

The stork is going to pay us a visit soon

The whole Centre is abuzz with excitement at the moment! For a while now we’ve noticed that our Wild dog alpha female is getting…well… bigger, and we finally received confirmation that she is indeed pregnant. This is a truly amazing thing, and we can’t wait to welcome the little pups to our ever-growing family.

That’s it for this week folks,

The HESC Team 😉