What's been going on: 14 October 2012


(Photo of the raindrops on the aloe)Raindrops on the aloe

Spring has finally sprung!
Yes, we are in October already and even though spring started in September, the last three days have felt like winter again. With the onset of the first spring rains dancing their way down to hit the dry, parched land, a cold front has hit Hoedspruit. Not that we are complaining, the Lowveld is turning a lovely shade of green thanks to the rain!

(Photo of Rhino and Calf)Rhino cow and calf

Game Drives have been out in full swing; yes even in the rain! The sightings have been great and guests even had the opportunity to see a rhino mother and her calf. Plains game such as zebra, giraffe, impala, waterbuck and many more have been plentiful. The Hongonyi Males were also seen out on the reserve.

(Photo of Cheetahs)Hongonyi Males

The male red-headed weavers are furiously buildings nests to try and impress the females. This particular male is on his second nest. Should a female not find a males architecture up to scratch, she’ll break the nest off and let it fall to the ground. Unfortunately, the male then has to start from the beginning again.

Red-headed weaverRed-headed Weaver

Some will remember the story of the Dark-capped bulbul nest that was on our Facebook page around the same time last year. Unfortunately a snake managed to get to the nest and eat the eggs. The same bulbuls have once again made their nest in the Euphorbia outside our office building. We have two new little hatchlings that are barely a few days old. Here’s to hoping they survive and grow up to be the beautiful birds they are.

SONY DSCDark-capped bulbul hatchlings

We are also pleased to report that MaryJane is doing well, and the skin tissue around her wound is healing well. She is growing stronger and getting cheekier by the day!

Hoedspruit-20121005-00973 blogMaryJane’s leg is healing beautifully

That’s it for now folks,
The HESC Team ;-)