Why do we keep wild dogs at HESC?


The African wild dog is the most endangered large carnivore in Africa, and so we take their preservation personally. We are currently home to a rather unusual pack of six male and one female wild dogs, with another two individual males which are not part of the pack. This very unusual male to female ratio will hopefully be equalised with the arrival of some new pack members arriving at The Centre, or the alpha pair giving birth to more female cubs.

With the tragic loss of members of a pack of wild dogs in the Blue Canyon Conservancy to rabies, we are committed to sustaining as many dogs as possible to keep a healthy genetic variation within the species. As with all animals here, it would be wonderful to see the wild dogs released one day. But until then, we will care for this precious pack and pray for some pups soon.


A wild dog is a very special animal that needs to be conserved at any cost. We are determined to play a part in the survival of the species, no matter how small that may be.

Watch this space!