Wild dogs and cheetah skype lesson exchange

Last year we featured a blog about a shared lesson between the learners at our local school – Paulos Ngobeni Primary, and students from Gray’s Creek Elementary School in the USA. In that lesson our learners shared information on the caracal found here in southern Africa.

The two groups once again had a Skype lesson – this time South Africa’s learners taught their American counterparts about our wild dogs, also known as the “Cape Hunting dog” or “painted dog”.

We made a Powerpoint presentation of the wild dog lesson, as well as a video clip of the skype session between Paulos Ngobeni Primary School and Gray’s Creek Elementary School.

Kids can download a colouring sheet and a worksheet here, so that they can share in this exciting educational experience.

We also had a skype lesson about cheetahs, where the American learners were able to watch the cheetah cubs being fed. They also wrote letters to Heidi Roberts from US Friends of HESC, who adopted a cheetah cub, thanking her and the US Friends of HESC for their valuable contribution to the centre.

Read the letters the kids wrote to  Heidi Roberts and the US Friends of HESC.”

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