Winston the warthog

HESC Warthog_Winston

On the morning of the 6th January 2017, HESC received an orphaned warthog from Phalaborwa. We don’t have any information on how the piglet was left orphaned. He was named Winston.

When this baby first arrived, he drank 20ml of milk 6 times a day (that is, every 3 hours). Unfortunately, two days after his arrival he developed a slight diarrhea so his milk was reduced by 50%. He was treated with antibiotics and Diomec for his diarrhea.

IMG_2107-Blog HESC Warthog_Winston

For the first three weeks, we were kept extremely busy monitoring this little one’s health and milk intake. Thankfully our baby warthog is growing well and is back to his initial feeding – drinking 20ml of milk 6 times a day.

We look forward to watching Winston continue to grow and thrive.

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