Zeta and Nungu reunited


When Zeta the zebra first arrived at the centre Skaap the sheep was her companion, but when Zeta was old enough the two were separated.

One day when Zeta was grazing she came across Nungu the sheep, and an instant bond was formed. Wherever one would be, the other would be following closely; and if anyone came between them Zeta made sure they were aware of her presence and should back off. This behaviour left the staff amazed.

IMG-20171001-WA0006 IMG-20171001-WA0009

Nungu and Zeta were separated when Nungu was needed to act as a companion to another animal. Zeta on the other hand was introduced to a male companion in an effort to get her to breed.


By chance Nungu and Zeta’s path crossed once again and the bond that used to be there was instantly rekindled. It seems like no time had passed since the two were last together, as they are seen spending time together walking and grazing. It is a joy to see the special bond these two have.