Zeta and the late Heidi have been immortalised

HESC - Oomfy

Zeta the ‘Oomfy’ zebra

Oomfy – an organisation that helps orphaned animals – heard about the work we do at HESC, and asked if they could support one of the animals at the Centre.

We sent them a list of animals to choose from, but it was Zeta and Heidi that really tugged at their heartstrings. Heidi the sheep was a surrogate mother to many orphaned animals at HESC, and Zeta the quirky zebra was the last in a long line of recipients to be mothered by this phenomenally selfless ewe. Click here to see more pics of this unlikely duo.

In December the baby version of Zeta (which has a single photo of Zeta and Heidi) hit the shelves in the United States. Depending on market reception, they will then expand to a full blown book sometime this year.

Oomfy manufactures a range of products that represent real orphaned wild animals, affectionately called ‘oomfies’. An ‘oomfy’ is an orphaned wild animal. The name comes from the sound a baby animal makes when hungry; they’ll often nudge the hand of their caretaker and call oomf, oomf, oomf.

The organisation fully finances the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of these orphaned animals. Funding comes from the sale of stuffed animals, and other products , that represent the orphaned animals and their stories.

These products are not available locally, so we’ve decided to auction off the Oomfy version of Zeta that we received from the organisation. Email us your bid, and you could be the happy owner of this gorgeous fluffy toy.