Eco-friendly and tastefully furnished, the chalet comprises three en-suite bedrooms; two with twin beds (and additional day bed) and one with a double bed. The kitchen has a gas fridge and stove and is fully equipped. The outdoor boma, or barbeque area, is popular for eating under the African sky. If you’re unsure about this very South African way of cooking on an open fire, a ranger can assist to show you the ropes. Bedding and towels are provided. Basic electricity and lighting are provided via solar panels, but there are no plug points. There is no mobile phone coverage or wifi at the cottage – only at the deli. A dedicated ranger may be requested for the duration of your stay to provide private game drives and to prepare meals on the fire (braai). Stipulate when making your reservation.

Sable antelope frolicking in the water at sunset often provide a beautiful backdrop for enjoying sundowners on the deck. You’ll also be able to watch the vultures descend from the sky when food is put out for them at our Vulture Restaurant. At night, the characteristic sounds of the African bush include the melodious calling of frogs in the waterholes. Lions, hyenas, jackals, nightjars and owls add to the symphony of sound.


HESC maintains a strict policy of no contact or interaction with animals kept on the property. Our policy is aligned with international trends based on animal ethics and welfare and is aimed at ensuring the safety and health of both animals and visitors. Our policy further endorses the right of animals to live a life without fear, which is often the consequence of close contact with humans with whom they are not acquainted. We avoid human-imprinting, whereby the animals will identify more with humans than with their own species and cause them to become problem animals once released.