Situated within the boundaries of HESC, the camp consists of nine round, thatched huts known as rondavels, built in the style of traditional African dwellings. The huts are furnished with two single beds each. One hut has an en-suite bathroom (toilet, shower and basin), but the other huts share ablution facilities (toilets, showers and basins) that are not en suite. Facilities for women and men are separate. Bedding and towels are provided, wifi is available and huts have power points. A communal open-air barbecue area, ideal for eating under the African sky, and a well-equipped kitchen, also communal, provide cooking facilities. There are laundry facilities for hand washing. For your safety and security, Nungu has an electrified fence. 

Nungu Camp is available only for group reservations. Rates apply to the entire camp, irrespective of how many persons stay over. 

Nungu is intended for self-catering but guests may choose to enjoy the à la carte breakfasts and lunches served daily at the deli at the Centre. 


HESC maintains a strict policy of no contact or interaction with animals kept on the property. Our policy is aligned with international trends based on animal ethics and welfare and is aimed at ensuring the safety and health of both animals and visitors. Our policy further endorses the right of animals to live a life without fear, which is often the consequence of close contact with humans with whom they are not acquainted. We avoid human-imprinting, whereby the animals will identify more with humans than with their own species and cause them to become problem animals once released.