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Cheetah Cubs Born at HESC

Shelly and her four cheetah cubs born early May in captivity at HESC have delighted all who have had the pleasure of seeing them. So beautiful and barely nine weeks old, the four cheetah cubs born at HESC earlier this year still sport the thick coat of fur, or mantle, that is characteristic of young cubs. The mantle is thought to provide camouflage and protection from predators in that it…
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Good News on Sophia, the Cheetah

  After we recently posted on our cheetah Sophiah who has been unwell, we received so many enquiries from supporters that we’d like to update you on her progress and fill those in who may have missed our initial posts. At the beginning of last week she suddenly became very lethargic and disinterested in her food. We contacted Provet Wildlife Services to come and have a look. Dr. Jenine Rabie and…
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Last week, we released Pepper, the caracal onto the Kapama Private Game Reserve. Pepper was a problem animal previously before he came to us. He arrived when he was still quite young and stayed with us until he was the the right age to be released in to a suitable environment. Pepper was released onto the private game reserve as it is a Big 5 game reserve and he would not…
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Small-spotted Genet Cats – Soft release at Jabulani – November 2018

A few months ago, HESC was approached to assist with three small-spotted genet kittens that had been found in the Sabi Sands. They were approximately a week old at the time,  and could fit inside the palm of a hand. Lente Roode naturally accepted them, and hand-reared them for a while before then letting assistant curator, Natasha Roscherr, take on the responsibility, which she did successfully. Once they were strong…
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Update on the Caracals Released 10th December 2017.

On the 10th of December 2017, we released two caracal’s, one female and one male, onto the Kapama Game Reserve. Five months later, we have not been made aware of any incidents concerning the two caracals,  so we can assume that no news is good news, and they must be surviving well in their new surroundings. CLICK HERE TO READ for more details about their release in our original blog.