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The Vulture Restaurant at HESC

Following on International Vulture Awareness Day last week, read more about how we contribute to the conservation of the species. Visitors have a treat in store when they visit the Vulture Restaurant on our premises. Feeding frenzy at Vulture Restaurant The vultures and other birds that were seen at our Vulture Restaurant are not kept in captivity and come and go as they please. The restaurant may be a little…
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Farewell and thank to Karen and Jeanre

Today we say goodbye and thank you to Karen Swiegers our General Manager since 2016 and Jeanre Brooks (better known as Tabs), Operational Manager since 2017. After a combined 22 years with us, they are leaving to follow their entrepreneurial dream of sustainable farming. Their contribution over the years was huge. Lente Roode says: “Your dedication and loyalty, passion for the welfare of our animals and genuine concern for your…
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Weekends are always full of thank yous thus we would love to say thank you to our awesome supporters from the last 2 months. HEALTH & HYGIENE F10 PRODUCTS Special thanks to Health & Hygiene for donating products towards the HERD orphanage. We are extremely grateful for the continuous support. Thank you! THE PLATTER PROJECT A BIG thank you to the Platter Project for their continuous support towards the orphaned rhinos…
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Two more rhinos released from HESC

… a story of rehabilitation and love at first sight It is with great joy that we can confirm that two more rhinos have been released back into the wild. The white rhinos Ike and Phillipa were rehabilitated at HESC after poaching incidents left both severely injured and traumatised, but they are now back in nature to roam free where they belong. Their story is one of triumph over adversity…
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Lente Roode on the release of Gertjie and Matimba


It’s been a month now since Gertjie and Matimba have been back in the wild and from the reports we are receiving the two have adapted very well to their new environment. They still barely leave each other’s side and have been exploring their new environment non-stop, Gertjie in front with Matimba following on his heels. How I miss these two big beautiful animals at HESC. For five years they…
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